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Your picks have been isane lately. I've been following, winner after winner.

Bobby Gallant

You put me back up from my losses. I'm almost even. Your the man.

The Cannabis Scout

Loaded the boat on this one! I'm ready for the this bad boy to soar! Or as Rich would say, Screaming! lol. Love the stock lingo Rich!!! Your the man!


You made me some serious $$$ on this pick. I'm thinking about joining the academy after you've gave me TSNP and EATS!!

M Lageri

First full day in this Members club chat (signed up this morning) and I'm Loving it so far! Cheers to everyone! Big Gains! Lets go!


Hey brother, one of the picks you mentioned a few weeks ago, ACDC, is up 60% today. It was a video you did in your car about a electric car company. Another Solid Pick from the Legendary Rich!


I really appreciate the fact that I can be apart of this group and thank you for all the support you guys give. I joined the group OCT 2020 and i'm already up 100k. I'm on the chat all the time and just watching and learning from all the members.

Mike T

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